I feel like a 5 year old, or a sea-turtle

So here I was yesterday. A day off of work, meeting my dear Del for a little take-out lunch at Subway after he came home from teaching. We’re walking home briskly, Del insisting that I carefully cradle the sandwiches like infants, we’re almost there. La-de-da. Gabbing about something. And BAM! I slam down to the ground, landing on my palms and one knee. It’s like someone did a leg sweep on me.

Ouch! I don’t remember having scrapes like this since I was a little kid – and now I fall a whole lot further then I did then!

I sat on the ground for a couple of minutes, too hurt to be embarrassed in the slightest or to laugh, cradling my knee but afraid to look at the damage. I can’t believe I didn’t break anything but skin. Thank goodness. As the fog of shock cleared and I looked around to see what happened, the culprit was clear. A plastic band, the kind used to bind any number of bulky items. Like you’d see in construction to bind lumber or something. Pretty impossible to break without scissors.

A loop of this has been tossed on the street. With unique talent, I had stepped on one side of it with one foot and into it with my other foot. All the way around my ankle. It makes me think of poor sea turtles getting their necks ensnared in those old plastic rings of soda 6-packs or plastic bags. They just swim right into them and before they know what’s happening…BAM! The chances of these things happening seem infintessimally small, but obviously they do happen. And when they do, it’s serious. Call me crazy but I’m going to be more sure than ever not to throw any of those away without cutting them. Meanwhile, I wonder how silly I will look walking around without bending my left knee, especially at work in heels and pantyhose.

And by the way – can I say my sister rocks?! I went to visit her even though I was exhausted (see: Braindead post) and I’m so glad I did. We had a great weekend. She had VIP tickets for Cirque de Soleil’s Koozo show – my first Cirque viewing, which I literally watched with my mouth hanging open the entire time – as well as the Tutankhamen exhibition, which was heart-stoppingly cool. (They had one of Tut’s wooden beds even!) The climax of our visit was 2 hours of playing Guitar Hero before I left. Nothing humbles me more than that game, or makes me laugh as hard. Thanks for a great weekend, sisters!


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