About 8 years ago I was working a flight home fro Paris. For some reason our flight path took us up to Greenland, and I’ve never seen anything like it. I was kicking myself for not having my camera with me…and thus my habit of taking it everywhere was born.

I figured that one day we’d fly over it again. It has happened a few times, but never on a clear day. Until last week.

Because of some large swaths of turbulence, out pilots took us way north, and when the view opened before them they were kind enough to give us a call and invite us up to the cockpit to see. You’ve never seen so many crewmembers stuffed in that little space, all staring for as long as they could before feeling guilty that the rest of the crew was in the cabin waiting for their turn. Finally, 8 years later, I got my photos.

img_4513 First view from the cockpit.

img_4512 We came to a clearing in the woods clouds.

img_4520 A closer look at some of the (many, many) icebergs.





And whaddyaknow? I found my original Pompeii post! I had somehow accidentally made it a new page. Mysterious.



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2 responses to “Greenland!

  1. Beautiful photographs! It must be so exciting to travel so much and see all the beauty in the world.

  2. I was wowed by the Pompeii pics. And these are tremendous. Those ice flows through the mountaintops are amazing. Can’t wait until you get a trip though there in the summer time and get to see the difference.

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