Just…wow (Night work = breast cancer: becoming accepted knowledge?)

The Danish government will be making payouts to women who worked night shifts in state-sector jobs who developed breast cancer.

Read a short article about it here, a more detailed version on the BBC page here.

Note the specific mention in both articles of a Flight Attendant who received a payout. Contrary to the women in these articles, it has occurred to me that my work schedule may have some connection, owing to the research that has come out in the last few years about the effect of nighttime light on breast cancer. (Having an obvious connection with night shifts and circadian rhythm abnormalities…) This as a possible explanation for why breast cancer rates are crazy high compared to non-industrialized countries (not to mention lower rates among the blind) is especially interesting.

Unfortunately, I have no solution to my own work-related concerns. For now I will have to settle for renewing my resolution to unplug hotel clocks and other sources of articifial light when I take my post-arrival nap in layover cities. And should I ever lose my job involuntarily, remind me of this upside.


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