My Book is out!

I have in the past been accused of “holding out on you”. This is true, although I’m not sure that this counts. No, it’s not any of my writing “pet projects” that I’ve been working on for ages (and will be for many ages more), but officially I am…wait for it…a book author!

That book is my master’s thesis. And although it’s not the first book I thought I’d publish, I am quite happy as it was a long road to get here.

After graduation I thought I was terribly lucky when the first academic journal I submitted to, accepted  it. Although I had to edit it down by half to match the format, of course I was happy to do so.  I completed the work and eagerly awaited publication. And waited. And waited. I received occasional apologies about the “delay”, but still nothing. And then I got “sick” and, well, whatever.

Fast forward a year. I get a email from them saying, “by the way, we need you to make some edits before we can publish.” I’m sorry – what?! After all this…and 3 weeks prior to Christmas (which I was especially looking forward to, having just finished chemo). Basically, I used my best diplomacy skills to ask for a little…more…from them (carefully avoiding the word “professionalism”). I never heard back. I never pursued. Good riddance.

Fast forward another year when, out of the blue, this German academic publisher emailed saying they’d seen a summery of my work and asked to see a full copy for review – if I had interest in allowing them to publish it. Suh-weet! And here we are.

So, for all of you who have just been dying to know all about Cultures of Mobility: New Global Nomadism, Third Culture, and the Influence of Study Abroad, well, your dreams have just come true. I know, you can thank me later.


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4 responses to “My Book is out!

  1. Amy

    Congratulations, Sarah! That’s really exciting news!

  2. Excellent!

    About the Author:
    KillBoob received her M.A. in Anthropology from Leuven Catholic University in Belgium (2005). She has published a number of works both academic and non-academic and consults on projects concerning mobility and/or international education.

    So, just curious. Are the other academic and non-academic works available somewhere too? And which projects have you been consulting on?

    • Thanks guys – There’ a smattering of stuff here and there, some public, some circulated in professional circles. My very first publication was a story (about my study abroad in France) in the book “Europe from a Backpack” (if you spy the spelling mis-correction in there that none of us caught before publication just pretend you didn’t, lol!) Most of my consulting projects have been for the Dutch branch of a European Commission project (called ERA-MORE, some of that work resulted in the informational articles on the website …Stephen King, look out!

  3. Elle (Elisabeth M)

    Kudos, Sarah! You are a wonderful storyteller and have a knack for enticing your readers to follow you along on your journey, wherever it might lead. I finished chemo ten days ago and having begun reading your blog at the start of my treatment, I feel as though you had been appointed as my own special agent on a very scary reconnaisance mission, leaving clues along the way, so I would know exactly what to expect!

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