Babies and Weddings

Earlier this week, I returned home from visiting my new niece!

Wait – first an update. About the missed Zurich trip for work: supposedly my manager is going to remove it from my record, since I attempted so many flights. I’m not sure if this is technically possible, but I’m not questioning it. I just said “thank you” and crossed my fingers! We’ll see…

After my unexpected weekend home, I went to Atlanta as planned to meet my first niece. And, of course, she’s awesome. Three weeks old that day, she’s a tiny little blobby, though her features are already shaping from “blobby” to “miniature person”, which is really their most want-to-ball-them-up-and-put-them-in-my-pocket stage of cute.


Here’s what I learned – wow! Babies are more work than I even imagined. I literally don’t understand how people do it.  I only stayed for 3 nights, during which I tried to be as helpful as feasible. For me that meant taking the 5 or 6am feeding and keeping her until the ‘rents woke up. I knew that meant getting up every 2 hours or so to feed them. What I didn’t know was that new parents very possibly don’t sleep in between feedings either! If she was sleeping and had gas (of which she has much!), this would make her momentarily fussy. I would race over to be ready to sooth her if she was going to full-on cry (because I didn’t want her to wake herself up more if I could help it). But if she was fast asleep, I still didn’t sleep because I’d think, “She’s so quiet. I hope she’s ok…Maybe I should go poke her, just to make sure.” Aack! After three nights and 4 days I returned home and that night slept for 11 hours! I only wish my sister and BIL could do the same. Well done though, guys. Little Hannah is awesome. Parents of the world – I give you infinite respect just for making it through.

As a side note, I leave tomorrow for England in order to have plenty of time there for last-minute wedding stuff. It’s strange that for a year and a half I’ve had plenty of time before the wedding and saying to myself: Before you know it, it’ll be here and you’ll think ‘where did all that time go?!’ So it IS weird to now be so close and thinking, I knew it! Where in the world did that year and a half go?! You’d think that the predicting would take some of the effect out. But no.

During the next couple of weeks I will probably be able to blog a little, but if not, I promise to be back ASAP with photos! Two weeks from yesterday…Here we go!



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3 responses to “Babies and Weddings

  1. Babies: I loved those early days. They taught me how much I’d be willing to give, to sacrifice. And those days chastised me as a very selfish person, not just that day, but for my whole life. The sleeplessness, the screaming, the abundance of poop, the increased isolation. It drives you somewhere you couldn’t quite imagine nor perhaps knew existed, but it can purify and perfect.

    What a beautiful namesake for little Hannah.

    And it is odd how time interacts with us. It seems like just a breath. Hope the prep goes well and without stress.

  2. Joan

    Best wishes for your wedding! Looking forward to the pics!

  3. Have a great time over the next couple of weeks. I hear the weather’s been great in Britain recently.
    Your new niece looks lovely. And don’t worry, new parenthood usually has enough rewards to make up for the lack of sleep and new worry lines!

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