We’ve done it. After 18 months of engagement and planning, the wedding has finally come and gone and oh my goodness what fun it was. Let me just say this – we are so, unbelievably spoiled. In family, in friends, in generosity, in affection. At times, it kinda felt like I was in Disneyland, and there was some elaborate parade put on for us.

I so hate for it to be over but at the same time we’ve partied for five days now and I can’t wait for a full night’s sleep (hence, a super short post with little details as of yet). That’s right, it’s ended up being five days of festivities – you’d think we were Indian, doing it up for so long!

I just wanted to pop in and say “Yeay!” and to share what an unbelievably wonderful weekend we had, full of (most of) the people we most love, all together in the same place. If the attendees are to be believed, it was one of the most cryin-est weddings ever. But also one of the most fun (well, I’m judging that by the photos of certain friends streaking around the gardens at 5am!). I promise to be back soon with some photos and more details. Meanwhile, I hope this weekend, you all felt as lucky and loved as we did.



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2 responses to “Married!

  1. Hearty congratulation!! Sounds like a grand time.

    May the blessings, honors, privileges, and joys of this happy time follow you throughout your lives, help carry you in difficult and sad times, and serve as a noble keepsake into eternity.

    Grace and peace.
    Craig Copeland
    Austin, Texas

  2. Joan

    Thanks for sharing your special time with us — looking forward to the pictures!

    Much joy to both of you!

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