Who has time to be married?


When I got back from my last trip, I had one night home. Usually I’m too tired to go out after a work day, but my day had been sooooo rough and I was so eager to spend some time with my new husband that I agreed. What we discovered is that you can order a bottle of champagne to share at the restaurant next to our place for only $25. So we sat outside together and got quite tipsy. That was a fun first married date!

But that’s been our only real time together since the wedding! Since returning home it’s been nonstop. I have had only 1 whole day here since I left for England (2 weeks prior to the big day). My first trip back, my dad met me in Paris after his own travels, which I was really excited about. He hadn’t been there in 17 years, and he had a great time just soaking in the smell of it all, so to speak. We basically took a tour of the most expensive coffees in Paris. (Try Cafe Georges, for example, on top of the George Pompidou Center. It’s a place where the all the waiters and waitresses wear tiny black rags for clothes and surely carry modeling portfolios. Aside from that entertainment, the view is the best in all of Paris. It better be, considering we paid $30 for 2 coffees and a dessert that consisted of 5 spoonfuls of strawberries and cream.)

Then I worked to Brussels (on the 757 -yuck! Flying a single-aisle plane for 8 hours is not a great idea. Expect an uptick in air rage incidents – from the crew!) and after that I also went to see a dear friend graduate from Duke and got to visit with my 8-week-old niece. Who’d have known kids could be so addictive? (At least when you can still opt not to wake up to feed them throughout the night…) I hated not to be spending time with my new husband but at least I got to see my sis for her first Mother’s Day. That being said, Happy Mother’s Day to all of you awesome mom’s out there (a little bit late but just as sincerely).

We’re finally choosing photos from the photographer. I don’t have posting rights for those yet but here’s a couple from our own files.


The surprise of the night – the abbey interrupted our dinner to “say goodbye” to one of their chefs who was moving home to Italy. She said a few humble words and finished off by bursting into song! A half hour show ensued of everything from opera to ABBA; they had me crying and laughing. My in-laws sure know how to throw a surprise!


View from our room. Might as well have been on our honeymoon….getting married is fun. Are you sure I can’t opt to do it again?


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  1. Elle

    What a beautiful photo! I can’t wait to see the rest!

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