Celebrity Sighting

I have a particular talent – for not noticing when someone, er, noticeable is right in front of me. I could be sitting on a bench with Julia Roberts and I’d walk away without even realizing.

Of course, we also get celebrities on the plane. I have seen relatively few as I’ve never worked the NY-LA nor the NY-London route regularly, which is where they all are to be found. To Paris, of course, we mostly get models and, what’s more, over the last howevermany years, fewer and fewer celebs took public planes, as it became de rigueur to charter private ones. But the bad economy seems to be bringing them back to First Class and even I have seen them now. Two in one trip!

On this trip to London I had Eva Longoria. True to form, I was standing at McDonald’s right next to her without even noticing. Her entourage even spoke to us. A nice guy said, “Hey, are you going to London?…We are too! See you down there!” I his cheerful chatter and then went on my way to the plane. Then a colleague approached and said, “Can you believe how small Eva is?” I had no idea what he was talking about and swore up and down there was no way she’d been standing right next to me. But when I looked back from afar, there she was. Small enough to appear further away then she really was.

I don’t personally care about celebrities per se. I’d never go talk to them or pay any special attention (in fact I probably come off as pretty snooty as I make a point of not fussing over them), but it is kinda neat to spot them from time to time. I did, however, go say hello and shake the hand of Kofi Annan, out of an obviously different sort of respect/interest.

Eva and her friends were very nice. She was quite pretty in real life (more than expected as I’ve never particularly understood the fuss over her) and boy, was she tiny. Not “thin” tiny (though she is of course) but I mean tiny tiny. I’m only 5’4 but she made me feel like a giant. When she got off the plane, she had on towering heels. (No wonder they are escorted to their own exit – she couldn’t possibly walk all the way to customs in those things like the rest of us!)

Then on my commuter flight home to DC, I boarded the plane to find my seat…right past John Lithgow. I couldn’t believe that I had noticed! So that makes 2 celebs in one trip. Plus, Keifer Sutherland from last month and wow – 2009 has already set a record for me. I guess the economy really is bringing people “down” to First Class. So far, none noted in Business Class. That would be an economic trend to note.


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