I am just back from my annual travels with my dad – he’s a great travel partner and our continued trips are the one upside of the irony that I married a fearful flyer. He’s all too happy for me to continue my trips with my dad. This year we were going to cancel because of the wedding and all (spent our usual travel money/time on that) but at the last minute work was offering voluntary days off so one day I said to dad, “hey, you wanna go somewhere?” and he said “sure”. So there we went.

We chose France because we had no time to do any research before going – it’s safe, we speak the language, etc etc. Easy-peasy. Basically we just rented a car and drove around the South – including my first trip back to Montpellier since studying there 13 years ago (ouch – it hurts to say that number!). And in short, my French-family is as wonderful as I remember them to be. The whole trip was fantastic – from tiny villages you’d never find in a guidebook full of nothing but adorable old, crumbing buildings and a Saturday market full of life…to body-covered beaches on the Cote d’Azur, Cathar Castles and fields of sunflowers. And may I just add – French people are so lovely. I am guilty as the next person as forgetting that, since I meet with Parisians almost non-stop, but we were warmly welcomed everywhere and I’ve fallen for France all over again. (Photos from my new fancy-pants camera coming soon.)

Update: As for writing, thanks for your cheerful support. I am feeling better and there has been a slight development. That is, I did end up writing an email to the publisher-who-must-not-be-named, though I kept it professional. And I did finally get a more personal email, stating that I was right, it was only fair they give it consideration since I had worked on it per their request. So, I at least felt better at that. I know it’s surely a token, but professional curtesy was all I was asking for. It’s a small score to be sure, but it’s a score nonetheless.



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3 responses to “Updates

  1. JT

    Why are you publishing with Voldemort? Sorry saw harry Potter movie today could not resits such a good straight line

  2. glad you’ve had something back from the publishers.

    and I’m wondering how long I’ll have to live in Chile before I can say with confidence “I speak the language”…

    • I certainly know how to you feel. And I can tell you that although I am ever-aware of my limitations in French, this trip was still humbling, as I realized to what extent I only use the same 200 words or so in my work interactions. I actually have a post ready to go on that, as soon as I can transfer it from paper to here…

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