Where I am Now

This was written last weekend, in the moment, before I realized I had no internet access where I was sitting, and I didnt’ want to brave the crowds back in the lobby. So, finally, it’s getting published now.

I’m sitting on the blue carpeted floor of the jetbridge. It’s 11:15pm and I’m supposed to be getting ready to shut the door of our 777 airplane to get myself (and 300 people, of course) over to London.

I’ve been trying to get a London trip for 3 months. As a French speaker it’s hard since there are no French-speakers on London trips with whom I can swap trips. One of my best friends, Adam, has been harassing me to get a trip there. He’s always harassing me to get a trip there, as we just don’t get to see each other often enough and I had promised that once he moved to London I’d be there “all the time”. Another couple that we knew in Brussels is there now too and I’m dying to see them as well. I want to see them so much that I accepted to work a flight that doesn’t take off until just 30 minutes before the next day. When most civilized people are snuggling down on their cool sheets, having punched their pillow to just the right shape and breathed their last heavy sigh, exhaling the long day before breathing in a night of rest…I’m just starting to work.

But no. We Flight Attendants showed up, me already glum because the mocha coffee that I had waiting until my report time to purchase (so that I had a last minute treat to to cheer-me-up; I’m easy to cheer, what can I say?) was not to be. All the stupid coffee places had just closed. Boo. Airplane coffee would have to do (and we all know that’s no substitute). But our plane had maintenance guys in its belly, working on an electrical problem. Next thing we know it’s “decision at 11:30”, which means that at that time a decision will be made as to whether the flight will cancel or not. I’m tired, but I hope we don’t cancel. I already left my house and flew all the way up here to NYC and then cabbed over from Laguardia. Not to mention that I need the hours, of course. If our flight cancels, we lose 3 day’s work. These days there are no extra trips for us to make up the time, even if we are willing to sacrifice a day off to replace the hours.

Oh, wait! Now we’ve dug up another 777, but we’re still waiting to see if this one gets fixed. Myself and three colleagues don’t want to go to the lobby and face an onslaught of passengers looking for a new face to ask the same questions of. So we’re staying put. Waiting. Four 30-45 year olds, sitting on the floor or the jetbridge like children. I hope you’re sleeping well all of you out there. I can’t wait to be you.



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2 responses to “Where I am Now

  1. thanks. sometimes we need to know what it’s like from the other side of the trolley.
    and now I will have a picture of the flight attendants all sitting on the jetway, rolling their eyes and wishing they had their knitting.

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