Let’s Censor the President! (warning: ranting outburst ahead)

If you read my blog you know that I try to stay away from politics. I’m not here to offend anyone. But if you read my blog, then you also know that I occasionally fail in that endeavor – and today is going to be one of those days. I am in such disbelief that I just have to vent. Feel free to disagree, but here I go.

I am absolutely speechless over the “controversy” of Obama’s upcoming back-to-school speech. Some Righties – actual government representatives! – are going along with and repeating the hysterical claim that his speech is going to “foment socialism”.

Now, at first I thought this was kind of humorous. I mean, it’s not like I haven’t heard that line again and again about everything Obama does for 8 months now. You’d think the man ran on a platform of mandatory toilet paper rationing and eating small children, so evil do they think he is (some loved ones included). But today I happened to watch the evening news to see that 6 states’ schools are actually refusing to air the speech based on that fear – and  some have come up with the brilliant “compromise” that they will tape the speech, see what it says and then determine whether or not to allow it to be shown!

I. Uh. Ahem. Wow. My breath is taken away. Umm, I can get if people are tired of hearing him speak. As my sister pointed out, Obama does make a heck of a lot of speeches and ask for a lot of airtime. I get that. I haven’t listened to him speak for ages myself. I like the guy and all, but I’m not wild about political speeches and I don’t like him in the way that makes me want to stare at him with a goofy smile and clap all the time. However, no one is saying, “we’re tired of hearing him speak.” No one is saying “we have important lesson plans to get to” or whatever. They’re saying he is going to say inappropriate things! What the…? Besides the fact that he’s not the first Prez to do this (controversy-free), do people realize they are talking about censoring the President?!

Let me say that again: they’re talking about censoring the President cause they don’t like his ideas.

Who is a school principal (or whomever) to judge that the President is going to say something inappropriate for kids to hear? We live in a de-mo-cra-cy. He was e-lec-ted. Elected, people. He didn’t conquer his way to the throne with guns and pestilence to force a take over. We put him there. This man has our nuclear codes – but now some of you think that he can’t be trusted to make a public speech to children? Give me a flipping break.

No really, please. Give me a break. At what point can we call a paranoia hysteria psychosis spade a spade? The right says, “But…but…there was a school plan where kids were supposed to write about what they could do to help the President”. Oh, horror! The President has the audacity to act like we are all invested in his success! That we should want to support the man to whom we’ve asked to run the country for the next 3+ years! How evil is he?!

Since when is acting as if constituents wish for a successful representative akin to some evil plot? Did I miss the part where the famous phrase, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” was a Communist motto? I’ve heard that phrase a lot, but never in a way that indicated it was “socialist propaganda” or anything like. I guess I missed the memo.

Now, I know a little something about disliking the President. But I’m pretty sure talk of censoring Bush for claims he would “try to spread Conservative ideals” (or, a truer comparison to the socialism claim, that he would “foment Fashism” or something of the like) would have led to cries of “Unpatriotic” and worse. You don’t have to like Obama. Really. It’s your right and it doesn’t matter to me personally. But can we at least aim for some semblance of mature debate? That’s all I’m asking. I think there are solid reasons to dislike Obama and some of his proposals, and I am open to them. But so far I’m mostly hearing hyperbole and conspiracy theories. At this point I am at a complete loss to see a line in the sand at which the country would collectively say “now that’s just silly”. Cause at the moment, there doesn’t seem to be one.



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3 responses to “Let’s Censor the President! (warning: ranting outburst ahead)

  1. Meg

    Haha so true! Why are people so stupid? It’s so disappointing.

  2. Ruth

    Hear hear! Anyway – don’t you have the right to free speech written down somewhere quite important in the USA?!!!!!

  3. JT

    I’ve been a dem I’ve been a “pub” now more or less independant. What I see on both sides, When Bush was in office the left screamed fascism, nazi, remember “bushitler” and had no problem with it, no we have Obama and the same people that spouted the same kind of hatred against Bush are now surprised that a pendelum swings both ways?
    But honestly that falls on deaf ears on both sides,that is why I am independant, I really do not want to be associated with the extremes on either side, and honestly when it comes down to brass tacs, anything either party tries to push will not be as “death and doom” as the other party cries it will be, under Bush we did not become the goose stepping brown shirt distopia the left kept saying it would and under Obama we will not become the marxist distopia that the right are saying.
    and if you look at history, the pendulum will swing, we had a few terms of conservative rule, the pendulum has swung, nowwe will have a few terms on liberal rule. then it will swing back. That actually IS our countries strength, one party gets in power, tries to “fix” what they think the other messed up, and further their agenda, and do so to a point where they need to be replaced and the “circle of life” ( Lion King ref) begins again.

    it’s all good,

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