Washington Wine Tour

As there is talk about Del and I moving back across the pond within a year’s time or so (we’ll see, don’t ask!), we’re extra-motivated to take advantage of all the cool things there are to do around here. Tonight, for the first time in a while, we’re doing one of those things – a Wine Festival and Tour at Mt. Vernon!

I’m pretty excited. Del and I both think Washington’s Estate is a pretty impressive landmark and, though we’ve been there before (spending a really lovely afternoon there with my sis and niece earlier this summer), this weekend is one of its anticipated special events.

We scored 2 tickets off some nice guy on Craigslist whose date fell through, a guy who only charged us less than what they’re worth even though we offered over twice what they’re worth! But he said he’d stick to his word in his advertisement – isn’t that nice of him?! (Based on that integrity alone I’d like ot be friends with him!) So anyhow, we get two tickets for a wine tasting on the east lawn – overlooking the Potomac River – and a night tour of the house along with the usually-closed wine cellar. Wicked, huh? There were picnic baskets for sale but those were sold out. No worries – we’ll take our blanket and buy some other food while we toast to the view that or first president had from his home! Keep your fingers crossed that the weather will remain beautiful (it’s supposed to rain, though it’s gorgeous now) and if all of your good will succeeds,  I’ll post photos tomorrow. (Ok, you got me.  I’ll post photos anyway. But we’ll drink a  toast to you also if we’re sitting under a lovely warm evening!)


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