New Gene Mutation Found Responsible for 50% of Breast Cancers (and some others)

Ok so this isn’t yet a posting of the Mt. Vernon Sunset Wine Tasting Tour. But if you read here regularly you know that I am always a bit slow with the photo posting. (It is a slight pain since my current version of iPhoto doesn’t allow me to download selected photos only. Strange but true – so I always have a 300 photo download of shots that I’ve already rejected off my archive 10 times over. And now I’m flat out busted, since I’m out of town for probably 5 days.) But I will get there.

First, some big breast cancer news – especially interesting since I just completed my second go-round of the most extensive gene testing available: a new gene mutation has been discovered that is believed to be responsible for up to 50% of breast cancers! (Just for reference, BRCA 1/2 are only responsible for about 10%).

Now, according to this initial report, it sounds like this is not an inherited mutation, but one that happens within one’s lifetime. Given my strong family history, this would seem like “not my thing”. However, it does not rule it out. Plus, perhaps there is a genetic component to the gene’s propensity to degrade within a lifetime.

This is not to say that this new NRG1 gene has anything to do with my cancer. Simply, it’s interesting that my genetic results were supposed to be that my cancer has a genetic component, yet one that has apparently not been discovered yet. And here, just on the heels of that opinion, is one such new discovery.

You can find the full article here.



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2 responses to “New Gene Mutation Found Responsible for 50% of Breast Cancers (and some others)

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this journal of your experience living through this ordeal. My sister has just entered remission from cancer and I am holding my breath for the next five years for clean scans every time. BTW, have you ever heard of the Breast Cancer Fund, an organization devoted to exposing and eliminating the environmental causes of breast cancer? Which is amazing, as I don’t know of any other organization working on addressing the root causes of breast cancer. I work for a company called To-Go Ware and we provide non-toxic alternatives to eating on-the-go and support the stance that Breast Cancer Fund takes around removing products that contain toxins from our daily lives (mostly plastics). Just thought you and your readers would like to know that To-Go Ware is running the Together We Can “Beet” Breast Cancer campaign for the month of October, giving 10% of online sales to the Breast Cancer Fund. They are an amazing organization, doing vitally important work to educate folks about the toxins in our environment that are potentially causing breast cancer. I love that my and so many other companies are stepping up and supporting breast cancer research, prevention and survivors! And not just with kitchy, pink gear that is available only during the month of October, but things you can use every single day to increase the chance we have of avoiding all of these toxins in the first place. Let me know if you want more info for your readers. Have a lovely day today!

    • Hi Shannon – thanks for your comment and for sharing about these companies and products. I agree that it’s wonderful news to hear about organizations working on the environmental factors and offering alternatives – sometimes you feel so helpless to change what goes into your body without going totally off the food grid! I’m going to check it out right now.

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