High School Reunion

15 years. Yowza, that’s hard to believe.

So I’m home this weekend at my dad’s place, out sick from work due to a mysterious (and damned) headache that has lasted for 5 days. Five days! (As a side note to that, yes, I went to the Dr. here today, finally getting really worried when it spiked up again last night. She thinks it is just a “wierd presentation of a sinus” issue…so fingers crossed it goes away by Monday, or I’ll be needing to have another look at it.) And – finally – we’re having a high school reunion.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years. And also that it took us this long to get a reunion together.  (So much for Sr. Class Pres.!) Like many of you who have gone to these things, I’m ambivalent. I’m not terribly bothered either way about where people ended up, though I am happy to find that I have no particular need for anyone to know about me either.  I feel neither the pressure of an under nor over-achiever that one might expect from these things.  I am a real sucker for wanting to know how stories end though, so I’ll satisfy that cat. Mostly I fear being confronted with a bunch of people that I don’t remember. (Hopefully that’s just normal and not the sign of incredible arrogance on my part!) I’ve rounded up a couple of must-have old friends to commit to showing and though there are a number who won’t make it*, I’m hoping we’ll have so much fun that we’ll just have to do it again and next time everyone will come! I do like the idea of talking to some of these people that I knew for so long, without the dramatic blur that is teenage hormones tinting our thoughts and conversations! (Mystery: what will we see without that blindfold?!)

It’ll either be a blast or a train wreck – I’ll let you know!

*On that note, have I said recently that I hate cancer? Tonight I called one of my friends whom I had lost touch with over the years, to hear that her younger brother – who has struggled his whole life with  severe, debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – is in the midst of the whirlwind that is cancer diagnosis and planned treatment. His case sounds rare, advanced, complicated and painful, with a terrifying prognosis. Talk about a kid who can’t catch a break…so if you have some spare thoughts/prayers/whatever-you-do lying around, I nominate this family as a deserving candidate for those attentions.


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  1. Prayers for that kiddo….may it all turn around and get better!

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