Elizabeth Edwards

My goodness, people like to judge other people, don’t they?

The Edwards were in the news again today, briefly, because Elizabeth has said that she is not going to divorce John. And I just had to vent somewhere about all the dirtbags judging her like they know crap about crap.

John’s actions were as smarmy and disgusting as they can get. But that’s that. His political career is beyond over, so I don’t much care any further about what their personal relationship decisions are. But you would not believe the people calling Elizabeth horrible names, accusing her of terrible things, because she’s staying with him. Ugliness aside, I could understand the opinions if she were in a normal situation. (“She’s just being power-hungry.” Um, power-hungry for what? His public career is buried. And running for office is not in her future, so…) But she’s not, and clearly none of these people have terminal cancer, nor the class, brains or empathy to understand or respect how that might affect EE’s decision here.

Would I stay? Ugh. I don’t know if I could stomach it, but should she spend the end of her life in a series of lawyer meetings and court-dates, wallowing in the insult of it all? Of course no one wants him to seem to “get off easy” by his wife’s forgiveness. But if she divorces him, what is that doing to get her at this point, where quality of life is her concern? Is she going to pull a Stella and “get her groove back”, go to Jamaica and meet a hot new younger hunk to treat her right just so they can…awkwardly bring him into the family, struggle for him to win the affection of her kids and fit in, (possibly) just in time for her to pass away?

It just goes to show you, there’s a lot about cancer that people who’ve not had it may never understand, even if they read every medical article out there. Though it sure won’t stop them from pretending.



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3 responses to “Elizabeth Edwards

  1. sprucehillfarm

    Totally agree with you on this. Why go through it and put your family through all that and have terminal cancer too. I feel sorry for her. No one deserve that.

  2. Sue

    It’s been a while, Killer Boob, since I have been here. But just wanted to say that this post was very well done. That’s all…..very well done.

  3. Yeah, just a WEE bit behind on your blog but I read this and wanted to holler “boo-shit” right along with ya! I love that Elizabeth Edwards and god bless her for what she’s endured. If I was ever sorry about John’s demise, it’s only because she would have been such an amazing political co-pilot –injecting a sense of calm, empathy, and big picture thinking that, frankly, is a hallmark of many cancer patients/survivors I’ve met. As for them staying together, what do we even know as members of the public? Do I think she was OK with his affairs? Hell no. Does it change matters that she’s battling a terminal cancer? We can’t know what they’ve agreed about and discussed behind closed doors…

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