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Another Wedding! (and stuff)

Not me. My sister!

After more than three years of engagement, the family is going to be 3 for 3 (3 weddings in 3 years) when my oldest sister takes the plunge. It’s funny because “she started it”, getting engaged before any of us. I remember clearly because it happened after they visited me in Belgium for one of my chemo treatments in Fall 2006. Then the middle sis got engaged and married. Then I got engaged and married….I swear this one was just wanting us to deal with the planning drama first, so she could take strategy notes. (It would fit her profile!)

There was one close call actually. When we were all in Britain for my and Del’s wedding a romantic spur of the moment flared – the family was there, our ministers were there, why not?! – and they looked into tying their own knot during that trip. But a requirement for how long the couple has had to be in the country couldn’t be met. But it’s just as well because I’m really excited about a New Mexico wedding!

In other “news”, I pulled a Betty Crocker last week and cooked my second roast chicken ever, having some friends over. I was so proud…I made roast garlic spread for appetizer, pumpkin soup for first course, the chicken and veggies for main…if my old Belgian roommates (all boys who kicked my butt in the kitchen and often ribbed my cooking) could see me now! Except, when the bird came out and I went to carve it, there were odd bones in the way. What the…? we all asked. “You’ve got a mutated chicken,” they joked. “It’s upside down!” I joked. Er…until we realized it was upside down! (No wonder I couldn’t find the popper.)

I did discover that people do that sometimes to make the meat extra moist. Well, it was extra moist! But I don’t think I’ll do it again. I like the beautiful crispy skin on the breast, and while the bottom skin crisps nicely, the chicken looks a little wet and creepy when you turn it over to carve. So, let’s pretend I did it to test out the method for you, dear readers.

And lastly for news items, I got my December schedule for work. Not only will I be working Christmas, but also Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and New Years. The first time I’ve ever had such crappy luck, which just goes to show how relative the power of “seniority” is. (We’ve laid off so many that our most Jr. Flight Attendants now have 10 years, and most all French speakers below me got pushed to Domestic.). Double boo. I guess I better make Thanksgiving count!


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