It finally happened

It is not uncommon for us Flight Attendants to chat about wishing that some of the older ladies would retire. We’re all for anti-discrimination laws, but seriously, when you’re 300 pounds or 100 years old, maybe this job isn’t for you anymore. It IS a job with heavy physical requirements. But those ladies don’t ask me what I think. We joke about how old some of them are…but then it happened. Last week one of ours passed away on a trip to Japan. Wow. We weren’t kidding.

I am not making light of her death – it is indeed devastating. I did not know this particular lady, but she was clearly loved by many and I cannot imagine her shocked and sad family. But it is just so…well, shocking. She was older (I don’t know exactly but she was a super-senior mamma, as we call them) and apparently she had a stroke on the flight over. I wonder if it will make anyone take a new look at the requirements for passing requals each year. Then again, she didn’t look that old.

In brighter news of “what’s happened”, hubby and I also bought our first piece of married furniture. Real furniture! A gorgeous chest from Crate & Barrel that we’ve been waiting for just the right time to buy – having been assured it is a top seller and wasn’t going anywhere – only to go to buy it and get told that it is discontinued and no longer available anywhere.

Blah blah blah, long story of a determined husband calling high and low and placing ads on Craigslist, ending with a nice stranger here in DC seeing his ad and emialing us when he one day stumbled across an imperfect, but local one. I thought Del was crazy to be so insistent about it, but viola – I now have a truely loved first piece of furniture and a very happy hubby. Exciting! (Isn’t it cool/gorgeous?)

I know I’m not posting much these days. I’ll try to be a bit better, but if I don’t get back here again before Christmas, let me wish you a happy one!


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  1. Oooh! It is gorgeous! What a great find!!!

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