Post-Grammys Reprimand

So….the Grammys. I got to go to the Grammys. How cool is that?

First, I was thankful throughout that I never got to go in my early 20’s. At that age, I might have thought I had to look my best. That I had to wear the perfect dress because…I guess because famous people would be there looking awesome? And I had to look like I fit in? (It’s hard to articulate the squeals of a 20 year old, even hypothetical ones.) Instead, I got to go in my 30’s, which means I am no longer under any allusions that I will ever be famous. Or that I want to be famous. Or that there is any chance in hell that, even if I wore the best dress I could ever splurge on, I would ever be mistaken for “someone”. Or (best of all) that being “someone” has anything to do with resembling/associating with rich, famous or otherwise self-important people. (My god, I love not being 20! Have I ever told you that? That’s also something I learned in my 30’s.) In fact, the fear now was not looking “right”, it was looking as if I tried too hard. Now that would be my nightmare. Thankfully, it’s a much easier image to manage.  And yes there were some girls there who appeared to think they were going to get discovered in the Grammy audience. And yes, I made fun of them with my sisters.

So, instead of shopping till I was a textbook example of Buyer’s Remorse, I packed what backups I had in my closet and hoped my sister had something that would fit. The day before the Grammys I tried something on from her suitcase and was happy to determine that it would suffice.

I got there on Friday, since my Brother-in-law was no longer attending and my sis (my ticket source) needed a date for the MusiCares charity auction concert that night, honoring Neil Young…this wasn’t going to be a one-night deal, but an entire Grammy themed weekend. How fun!

While I haven’t gotten very far in the story, for the moment I’ll pause here because, I think I’ll have to tell this story in parts. It was a long and exhausting weekend, from which I am still turned around (especially considering that I left that whirlwind of activity in LA to come straight to England, so my jetlag is of the super-saturated variety. It’s a 5 out of 5 just now.

So that is the end of this post, but I will be back with more, as during the Grammy weekend, I was chastised not once but twice for neglecting my blog. That makes three people in the last couple months. So, thank you for still reading and being so loyal and I will renew my commitment to write a bit more.


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  1. I can’t wait for the rest of the story! Glad to hear you made it safely to England. I’m looking forward to an update on that as well. Rest up!

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