Moving On

So are you tired of the Grammy story yet? I thought so. It was a week ago now, after all. (Wow, has it really been a week already?!) If you want to skip the rest, some photos are here, and you can skim to the bottom here.

Otherwise, the quick tie-up is that we got a great back-stage tour on the Saturday (the logistics that goes into such a show is something you really have to see to even begin to comprehend!), that was pretty cool. We went through the “swag room” too, where all the free junk that celebs get to take is on display. Wow! (Guitars, tables piled high with jewelry, purses…you name it, they get it.) Saturday night we girls went to dinner at the restaurant where my sis worked over 10 years ago on Sunset Blvd and had a great time, as I always do with my sisters (and cousin, when I’m lucky enough to see her).

Sunday was the 2nd day of eating at the never-closed-since-1924 café, along with a dear friend from home who now lives in LA. (Where she moved because her very funny husband was a writer for Conan O’Brian. I’ll let you know if I get any inside scoop on that one!) Then we had to start getting ready, as our limo (My sis scored one 4 hours before the Grammys! How does she do it?)  was coming at 1:00! Off to a tiny cocktail party (no celebs, just music execs, who were all shockingly nice, genuine and seemingly unaffected. I was so pleasantly surprised.) We were slated to walk the red carpet, but we got there too late, missing it by about 5 minutes. (Grrr! Though I also didn’t mind, as I would have surely tripped and called attention my Nobody self.)

The show…well, according to the ratings, you saw the show. Even better than I did perhaps. Our seats were quite good, but you still can’t see what you do on TV, with the cameras right in front of the performers. I do nominate Pink for most impressive performance, no matter where you saw it from.

The post-show party was a Circus themed extravaganza, with food, fire-dancers, acrobats and the whole lot. Bed welcomed me at about 01:00 (not too bad, save for the time change!) and poor sis had to be up at 4. Ouch.

My flight wasn’t so early, but it was sleepless (there were certainly no open Business Seats from LA to NY the day after the Grammys!). Which was fine, except Del and i were meeting in NYC to fly directly on to England. Then that flight’s Business and First classes filled up due to a prior flight cancellation and, while I am not so spoiled by my travel privileges that I can’t fly in coach, I just couldn’t do it that night. I had barely slept in almost 4 days and was just at the end of my ability to “power through”. But Del had also checked a bag and my company was telling us that they wouldn’t take it off.  “You have to go on this plane,” they told us, probably cackling with evil glee on the inside. I begged some, argued some and quietly confessed to Del I would burst into tears if they made us get on. And then –

And then I’m going to have a little fun tonight and leave you hanging. Just for the drama of it. SO what do you think? Did I blubber? Did I curse someone out? Or did we melt the cold hearts of the gate agent?


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