Epic Scheduling Fail

For you sweethearts holding your breath for me here, an update.

Got to the hospital fine and dandy today. Signed in, braved the labyrinth of halls to find the directed place, signed in, waited 30 minutes, got to the room with the nice technician. She told me to remove my clothes and put on the robe. I thought she was jumping the gun a bit. She might not have to buy me dinner, but she is supposed to inject some dye into my arm – which takes 2-3 hours to get where it’s needed. Undressing just then meant a lot of skin time.

This is how we realized that I was in the room for a bone density test, not a bone scan. Ten minutes of confusion later, the lady in the nuclear something-or-other department explains that I was scheduled for the wrong test by my doc’s guru. And they have no room for me at the inn today. Boo. (And let it not go without saying that any medical test taking place in a department with the label “nuclear” attached is beyond creepy, no?)

So…I had the x-rays (clear), but the other test will be Monday morning; I’ll see the doc that afternoon. At least I have a dear friend in the neighborhood of the hospital who is free to waste some time with me that afternoon. Meanwhile, the doc has given me Vicodin. Wow – I didn’t even get that when I had my reconstructive surgery! I doubt I’ll take it, but in some strange way I feel kinda badass for having “permission” to take what makes even Dr. House so functional. I guess if it’s good enough for the most brilliant fictional man in medicine, it’s good enough for me.



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3 responses to “Epic Scheduling Fail

  1. bigsis

    breathe in, breathe out. Use the Force. We are with you.

  2. Jess

    I’m SOOO with you on all of this. With some of these scans, we’ve done them so many times that we could give the instructions when the new tech gets it wrong (though I usually manage to bite my tongue). I also feel you on the stinginess with sedatives/pain killers and the triumph of getting a prescription. And “nuclear!” Yes, thank you for saying something! It is creepy as hell. Did we ever talk about how the “siren” that goes off just before they hit you with the beams (did you have that during radiation treatment?)? It feels like everyone is running for cover during a bomb raid and you’ve been left on the table… *shiver*

    • Ha! Yeah, if this is DDD it’s a walk in the park. And I’m actually feeling a little guilty that a number of people were really worried/stressed out for me and I didn’t realize just how much so. They were far more stressed out than me, I’m sure. And they’re still empathizing with the DDD – if that’s it I’ll be thrilled (relatively)! No complaints here. I guess after going through the drama of a few years ago I cringe at the thought of being the source of more – even if the news is good!

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