The Mystery Continues

My MRI was late last Wednesday night. Sorry to keep you waiting, but I braved another snowstorm to be a good girl and get to work the next day (for a trip that ended up getting delayed until 2am, but that’s another story).

May I just say that an MRI is more bizarre than I remembered? I don’t think I was ever so far into one, nor for so long. (Or perhaps my memory fails me. Entirely possible.) As I lay there, I could not get over the absurdity of the disconcerting noises that thing makes. It actually made me giggle, as I could not begin to imagine what was happening inside there to make such cacophony necessary. It’s like a frantic construction site crashing down around you. The noises alternate between car alarm, giant electronic quacking duck, jack hammer and the beginning bars of Gaga’s “Poker Face” (which made me do some humming, with a smile).

When I returned from my trip, the doc had left a message. The good news is: the test was clean. 100% no cancer. The bad news is: the test was clean. No DDD. No…anything.

So certainly I am happy. But I’m also a little frustrated. I now have a great fear of becoming one of “those people” with life-long back pain. Always something I can’t do. Always something wrong with me. Yuck. It’s jumping the gun a bit, but you know, cancer already made me feel old. But at least I got rid of that. (Yeay!) I’m itching to be able to exercise. At the moment I can’t even bring my feet to my chin, it’s been so long since I’ve even been able to stretch properly. (For the record, I discovered this when I tried to investigate if I’d stepped on something tiny.)

I’ve been referred to the orthopedic department, to which I can’t get an appointment before April 8th! (Who says you never have to wait for medical care here?! I want to whip them.) Of course, I’ll try to see if any strings can be pulled, but the doc said it’s not considered urgent so…we’re not sure that will happen.

Meanwhile, I have managed to work a trip. It wasn’t comfortable and I need help with my bag, but it was manageable. Good thing I’m on part-time the next few months after all.

I’ll let you know about the next steps. Meanwhile, this has put me in the mood to watch a little Poker Face video. You know, so I can have that nostalgic stuck-in-an-MRI feeling.



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3 responses to “The Mystery Continues

  1. bigsis

    Ahhh.. the sweet whir whir bang bang whoop! whoop! WHOOP! chunka chunka chunka kabam kabam weewaw-weewaw-weewaw of the magnetic resonance experience. bout time for another…

  2. Elle

    So relieved there were no signs of the dreaded “C” word. I’m wondering if you have been prescribed any adjuvent medication that could be causing the pain? I was on Femara for 10 months and began developing severe muscle pain. I could barely get dressed by myself. Pulling a shirt over my head, or putting on a coat was agony. Sometimes, I even needed help standing up, or getting out of a car. My oncologist switched me to Aromasin 2 days ago and already the pain is subsiding.

  3. Sally

    Sarah- I went thru this exact same drama in june. Lower back pain to the right of the spine. MRI, XRAY, everything…all came back negative, yet no one can explain to me why I had such excruitiating pain that I became immobile in retaliation for a solid week. The severe pain last about 4 weeks and the ONLY thing that fixed it was a week of dedicated bed rest. Even PT didn’t help, nor a chiropracter. Everyone kept saying it much be a bulging disk, but we just couldn’t find it on imagining. I know it wasn’t in my head because just last week- I sneezed, and fell to the floor in back pain. Exactly same spot. It’s been a about a week now and still no one can give me an answer. Back to bed rest I go since it worked last time. Wishing you luck! And glad your fears of something of something worse have been put aside.

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