Ash Cloud Refugee

Many of you will know that I was an “ash cloud refugee”. I’ve been home about 90 minutes. After a week stuck in Europe, I was lucky enough to be assigned to work one of the first flights out. I meant to post all week, but I just couldn’t get myself organized (among the waiting and calling and trying to get more medication and cleaning my own hotel room and CNN Intl watching and loaning out my computer to colleagues in need, etc etc). But that’s coming in a day or two.

Meanwhile, for those who read but don’t know me elsewhere, I thought I’d cheerfully link to another article, currently featured on the awesome City Girl’s World. (A sort of e-zine version of Sex & the City.) Anyhow – in celebration of wedding season – click here for my latest, In Defense of Bridezilla.

Hope you’re all having ash cloudless days!


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