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Off to Egypt

Heads up, friends! Not that I write so consistently these days, but I’m giving official notice that I’ll be traveling nonstop for the rest of the month.

If by some crazy chance I have a few spare minutes on the internet somewhere in Egypt, I promise to drop you a line here. (That would be crazily up-to-date for me!) But I am not envisioning major chunks of free time in front of heavenly rows of shining computers while over there. (Yes, that’s what my contract with the universe says I require to write. No wonder I’m not more prolific in my output…)

But first – a few days taking care of my lovely little niece all by myself. Now, for THAT I might be able to squeeze on some updates.

Of course, all the damn flights to Atlanta are full today after noon, and I had planned on having aaalll day to get my act together. (Just returned home at midnight from a Paris trip; I’m a little loathe to hightail it on packing and leave for a month in an exhausted rush, but oh well. Gotta try.) So off I go to try and whip this packing/apartment into shape in two hours. Fingers crossed!


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