Absentia Note

I’m being thwarted at every turn from continuing my Egypt report in good time.

You see, I’m “visiting” my husband at our new apartment in London. (Side note: I cannot believe I am/sorta/about to be living in London now! How did that happen?!) Our new place is fantastic – except our phone service is sketchy and our internet service hasn’t been set up yet. We have a weak, grasping sort of access for the time being, but the wi-fi claws at the cliff of the internet and constantly falls off. It’s extremely annoying, so we have stopped even bothering.

So today I came to Starbucks, where I can get access, but I brought Del’s iPad since it’s so light and fun to use. Amazing in every other way, the iPad doesn’t seem to like WordPress’ interface. I can write you a post with a title, but (seemingly) no body.

So for the moment, just an assurance that the rest of the Egypt tale is coming, just not yet…


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