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Unfair (and stuff)

This may be my spottiest posting yet. I haven’t posted since Egypt because I’ve been in a drawn out moving-overseas-and-going-on-my-thrice-delayed-honeymoon extravaganza. It’s almost as crazy as my sister getting married and buying/moving into a new house in the same week. (I said ‘almost’.) So I am not gone forever, just a good chunk of the summer.

Today the movers came. Drama drama but the boxes are gone. I’ve got to go do a proper Homeland Security Approved packing list now [*sigh*] but the bulk of errands are done with. The most painful, drawn out errand is cleaning the bathroom. Make-up I tried only once and discarded. Lotions I was given and unimpressed with. Perfumes I didn’t wear enough. Stray pieces of medical this and that from my surgery days, sterile but scattered. Plenty of OTC medications, where one has to buy 40 pills and only needs 1 a year. I can’t bear to throw things in the landfill, so I just keep dragging my feet, as if lying in a sad heap on my bathroom floor is going to make them disappear to a non-wasteful destination.

Thursday begins the long-awaited honeymoon. After 15 months of marriage, Plan C is finally coming to pass. We start in New Mexico to visit family, continue on to Vegas – a place that has always elicited nothing but eye rolls from me, but I am interested to view the crazy excesses through the eyes of my very excited and America-loving husband – and then we spend the bulk of it in the NW between Seattle and Vancouver Island. Never thought much about going there, but thanks to the recommendations of a dear friend we found some stellar things to see and I’m very excited. Thanks, P, for letting us steal some of your own honeymoon dreams! Del has also done me the luxury of planning the finer details of all this, a task eternally left to me given my career “expertise”. So he has lots of surprises in store and I can’t wait! Details on the other end!

Lastly, I’d like to send a remembrance to this same friend, P. I won’t name, since I don’t know how much of her business she’d want out there publically, but given the monster of cancer that anyone reading here knows all too well about, I couldn’t not say anything.

P is one of my dearest and loveliest friends. She saw me through my own cancer treatment, and we have a special understanding on parental loss since her father died of lung cancer about 6 years ago. Finally back on her feet, having landed on a rung of the ladder to her dream job, she’s living across the world from her home, only to have her mother be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Mom’s done the surgery and the chemo, was getting back into gear…only to have it come back just 2 months later. I want to keep P and her family in mind and extend my support. Although she and her mother are very mature about the whole thing, I want to stomp my feet and scream that it’s not fair. It’s really not fair. I’m sorry you’re going through this. But anything in the world that we can do for you, just say the word. And to the rest of my readers, please keep her in mind too.

And go kiss your parents.

Back after the honeymoon with tons of good news, I just know it!


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