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Oh no

Many of you have read this on Facebook, but let’s tell the story anyway…

I had to come to the US for an oncology check-up, because they said that if I moved it I could not get in again until late January. Well, I’m already 2 months overdue because I had to move my May appointment, and I couldn’t get a new one until early October. (So much for the claim that we’ll have waiting lists for health care if we got socialized medicine. I’m just sayin…) A doctor that requires a 4-5 month lead-in time for an appointment is difficult to keep up with when my work schedule goes month-to-month.

So I decided to keep this appointment, flew to DC, then had 4 free days until I had to work (on Sunday). It’s not quite enough time to bother flying home to London, so I went back to see my nieces instead. So there we were, the whole visiting family gang, driving home from Target having a good old time. My phone rings; it’s an unfamiliar number. It’s 5pm on Friday the 8th.

Hello? “This is crew scheduling calling for Flight Attendant [Killerboob]”. Yes? “So…are you almost at the airport?” (My world freezes.) Um, what? No. I’m not even in-state…because I don’t work until Sunday. “Actually, you had a trip tonight. You’ll be needing to talk to your supervisor.” That’s a tricky thing about this job. There is no “showing up late” for work. You’re late, and you’re out 3 days’ work. Ouch.

Oh man. How in the what did I do that? The entire month I’ve had it established that my trips were 10-12 and 13-15. I was 2 days off. It’s on my calendar, I reserved my return flight home for the 15th, I arranged the rest of my month around those dates, I never told my husband anything else… I just don’t know how I did that.

I must be spread too thin at the moment, trying to settle in the UK while having been unable to get a residence visa yet. (Thus, why I can’t currently have UK doctors. Or bank accounts. Or phone accounts. Or credit…) I must’ve just misread my schedule the first time, put it on my calendar, organized my month from there and not “registered” the misread since. [*tut*] Damn.

I already had to call in sick for my first trip out of my new base because I had a foot injury. Now I just didn’t show up for the second one. There are only 50 people at my new base; there’s no anonymity here. They are going to think I am one serious flake. And really, could I blame them? I’ll just have to go in early, take it like a (wo)man – oh, and take donuts. Must not forget the donuts. Donuts always make people think you’re a nice person. Right? It works for Dexter…



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