Oh no

Many of you have read this on Facebook, but let’s tell the story anyway…

I had to come to the US for an oncology check-up, because they said that if I moved it I could not get in again until late January. Well, I’m already 2 months overdue because I had to move my May appointment, and I couldn’t get a new one until early October. (So much for the claim that we’ll have waiting lists for health care if we got socialized medicine. I’m just sayin…) A doctor that requires a 4-5 month lead-in time for an appointment is difficult to keep up with when my work schedule goes month-to-month.

So I decided to keep this appointment, flew to DC, then had 4 free days until I had to work (on Sunday). It’s not quite enough time to bother flying home to London, so I went back to see my nieces instead. So there we were, the whole visiting family gang, driving home from Target having a good old time. My phone rings; it’s an unfamiliar number. It’s 5pm on Friday the 8th.

Hello? “This is crew scheduling calling for Flight Attendant [Killerboob]”. Yes? “So…are you almost at the airport?” (My world freezes.) Um, what? No. I’m not even in-state…because I don’t work until Sunday. “Actually, you had a trip tonight. You’ll be needing to talk to your supervisor.” That’s a tricky thing about this job. There is no “showing up late” for work. You’re late, and you’re out 3 days’ work. Ouch.

Oh man. How in the what did I do that? The entire month I’ve had it established that my trips were 10-12 and 13-15. I was 2 days off. It’s on my calendar, I reserved my return flight home for the 15th, I arranged the rest of my month around those dates, I never told my husband anything else… I just don’t know how I did that.

I must be spread too thin at the moment, trying to settle in the UK while having been unable to get a residence visa yet. (Thus, why I can’t currently have UK doctors. Or bank accounts. Or phone accounts. Or credit…) I must’ve just misread my schedule the first time, put it on my calendar, organized my month from there and not “registered” the misread since. [*tut*] Damn.

I already had to call in sick for my first trip out of my new base because I had a foot injury. Now I just didn’t show up for the second one. There are only 50 people at my new base; there’s no anonymity here. They are going to think I am one serious flake. And really, could I blame them? I’ll just have to go in early, take it like a (wo)man – oh, and take donuts. Must not forget the donuts. Donuts always make people think you’re a nice person. Right? It works for Dexter…



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2 responses to “Oh no

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  2. Hi Sarah,

    How are you? I didn’t realise that you were dealing with cancer too. You are courageous and encouraging to others through sharing your story and offering helpful information. How are things going for you now?

    What I do remember is the great article you wrote for Expatica on expat culture. We focus in April on lyfestyle and culture as well as blogs across the 10 Expatica sites and I’d like to invite you to contribute–either something expat-related or something that is relevant to internationals across the world– your choice.



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