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The In-Betweener

That’s me just now, in-between here and there.

If you recall, Del and I have been “homeless” for the past 3 weeks, in the interim between our old and new apartment contracts. So I’ve been working, which has basically meant a different bed every night – until I crashed after my last Paris trip. Nothing major, just a long-agitating cold that wouldn’t go away (gee, wonder why) that threatened to go nuclear + lots of little injuries which I check up to fatigue. So I had to call sick for my last trip and spent a few days recouping at my sister’s.

Cold’s still poking at me, but I’m doing ok. Finally flying home tonight and I cannot wait. Del got the keys to our new place about 5 hours ago. He’s probably working right now, loading a rented truck with our belongings to drag them from storage back home. What a guy!

My big sis and BIL arrive in London tomorrow, just half an hour after I’m due in (well, we’re all flying stand-by so, fingers crossed); then my dad comes this weekend; then we all go directly to the castle vacation in Ireland. Sooo excited, but you almost surely won’t hear from me until after then. And after that, along with the castle report/recommendation, I can tell you what it’s like to travel with 11-12 adults and 2 kids! (Anybody tried it? Got any tips?!)

From a trip that is usually just my dad and I, we’ve grown this year to include: my husband, middle sister + husband + two kids under 3, oldest sister + husband, best friend, in-laws, PLUS my best friend from high school will happen to be in Shannon one day and will join us too. Wow!  I cannot believe we’ve gotten such a group together and we’re going to pull this off!

Great Family Vaca 2011 – Here we come.


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The Mixed Blessings of Good Luck

* Note: This was written on the fly and posted in 30 spare seconds before starting work. Please excuse typos and general editing needs, as if I don’t get this up now, I never will.

Don’t mistake me – I love good luck. I am not knocking it. But “be careful what you wish for” is not a cliché without wisdom.  The universe always has a way of evening things out, don’t you think?

For example, when Del and I were informed we had to leave our apartment, it felt rather unlucky. Did the owner have to move back home now?! But when another apartment – a better one – came open in our same building, we thought the Luck Fairies had sprinkled us with favor. But then, when all was said and done, a 3 week gap between contracts appeared, and we were unable to close it. (Bad luck.) We’re still psyched about the new place, but as I speak, we’re homeless, as we wait out the time in-between. A schlep upstairs has turned into not one but two moves – into and out of storage.

So here we are: the old apartment is cleared out, all traces of our presence scrubbed away; Del is at his parents’; I am passing the time in America. A good excuse to pick up some extra work, right?

So although I’d rather be at home than at work, I got a Budapest trip on reserve.  (Great luck.) You see, people tend to think that F/As spend their days flying off to varied and exciting destinations, but  that is not the case. My destinations are good, but they are certainly not varied. Not even Paris is exciting the 400th time you go there.  I’m not complaining, Paris is great.  I’m just pointing out…Budpest was quite a coup for me.  I’d never even been there on my own time. So to get paid to see a place I’ve wanted to go was a special treat.  (Case in point: the most Jr. F/A besides me on the trip was 32 years seniority. 32 years!! That means even if you DOUBLED my career time at the airline, I’d still be too junior to get this flight. By 4-5 years yet.  Crazy huh?)

Anyhow, Budapest was great. A few of us did one of those hop-on, hop-off bus tours. It was my first time ever on one of those, and when we hopped off for a drink overlooking the city and randomly bumped  into our pilots at the same cafe (!), we skipped the end of the tour and finished the evening with goulash and dinner.  Good luck. Except I was exhausted from the trip over (working until 4:30am is hard enough; add to it that my body clock is set to it being 5 hours ahead of that), and felt the prickle of an oncoming cold as we exited customs into Budapest. Then my hotel  nap was a FAIL due to a continual phantom hammering from somewhere above my room. Insanely bad luck. (The hotel eventually located a hotel guest “repairing something in their room”. Who does that? All afternoon?!)

I desperately needed stay in bed, but I was not going to miss my layover. By dinner I felt so ill I almost skipped eating and returned to the hotel. Except I didn’t know how to get there alone. And it was worth it…except the cold is haunting me. Then when I expected to rest in NYC, work sent me out again. Bad luck. On a day-trip. (= no hotel) Double bad luck.  I dumped well over $100 on a hotel room to get some decent sleep, then  made it to Atlanta to visit my rapidly changing nieces and nephews. At least my ear stopped popping painfully. And I felt better. And was having a great time. All good luck, and then even more came my way:

My trip trader got me a Rio flight! Another one of those rarely-seen-by-me trips. My last time there was…2003? Maybe? Lots of hours; feeling better. Alright! So I accept. Good luck! But this morning my cold is raring back and all the morning flights out of Atlanta were full. Ohhh, bad luck.

But finally I squeaked on a flight. And that’s where I write you from now. So while I hate to leave the kiddos for a couple days, I’m off to make a little money (v little, as it so happens!), to somewhere really cool, sniffing and snorting and blinking my stinging eyes as I go, as I will be all the way through to 7:30am. Is that good luck or bad luck? I’m not sure. Sometimes everything is a little of both.

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