The In-Betweener

That’s me just now, in-between here and there.

If you recall, Del and I have been “homeless” for the past 3 weeks, in the interim between our old and new apartment contracts. So I’ve been working, which has basically meant a different bed every night – until I crashed after my last Paris trip. Nothing major, just a long-agitating cold that wouldn’t go away (gee, wonder why) that threatened to go nuclear + lots of little injuries which I check up to fatigue. So I had to call sick for my last trip and spent a few days recouping at my sister’s.

Cold’s still poking at me, but I’m doing ok. Finally flying home tonight and I cannot wait. Del got the keys to our new place about 5 hours ago. He’s probably working right now, loading a rented truck with our belongings to drag them from storage back home. What a guy!

My big sis and BIL arrive in London tomorrow, just half an hour after I’m due in (well, we’re all flying stand-by so, fingers crossed); then my dad comes this weekend; then we all go directly to the castle vacation in Ireland. Sooo excited, but you almost surely won’t hear from me until after then. And after that, along with the castle report/recommendation, I can tell you what it’s like to travel with 11-12 adults and 2 kids! (Anybody tried it? Got any tips?!)

From a trip that is usually just my dad and I, we’ve grown this year to include: my husband, middle sister + husband + two kids under 3, oldest sister + husband, best friend, in-laws, PLUS my best friend from high school will happen to be in Shannon one day and will join us too. Wow!  I cannot believe we’ve gotten such a group together and we’re going to pull this off!

Great Family Vaca 2011 – Here we come.


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One response to “The In-Betweener

  1. Make the bathroom breaks official! Get out the megaphone and force everyone to go. Those who refuse to go will have to wear your nephews’ diapers. There is nothing democratic about that process or else you will be more familiar with Ireland’s plumbing systems than culture. Although you could always blog on the history of Irish WCs.
    The same policy applies to snack/drink breaks. Keep in mind that with that big a crew (and family involved) you might loose a few to the traditional pub, some might blatantly call it a day officially by noon while others will attempt to camouflage as a pillar of the bar commando style. Always give a meeting point at a specific time, just in case…
    Glad to hear all is well despite all the madness. Where are you going to be living now?
    Hope we can catch up soon.

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