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Reconstructing the Earth Below

Sounds odd, but that’s how it feels just now. As you know, I worked like mad for a few weeks, returned to London to a new apartment full of boxes and family to arrive that night from America. My father was due the day after that, and we had a few days before flying off to Ireland…

So Ireland. That castle thing? [*Smirk*] It was like winning a prize. My photos are downloading right now (such a multi-tasker!), so I’ll come back to that tomorrow or Wed.  However, while it was so wonderful to have my entire family on “my” side of the ocean, having come so far to vacation together for the first time ever (I don’t count driving to grandparents’ houses every summer as a kid in the same category), it was also stressful to be the organizer of a group that swelled to 13 people on the weekend. I’m the sort that can be a leader, it’s fine. But lust for power is not my vice, let’s just say! In many ways, the week reminded me of my wedding, where I was so thrilled to have everyone there, but was torn between so many people, wishing I could have an entire quiet day with each one, and being 3 hours behind on everything. Always. But in both cases, it’s a good sort of madness.

Last weekend was the return to a house full of boxes. Dad stayed a couple of days. BIL visited for a couple of days. And hubby and I worked very hard to get the new place in order. (“Please don’t ever make me move again”, said the girl who ironically still hopes to buy a home soonish…) I’m sure you heard me mention that the old landlord, who insisted we leave exactly when we did? She didn’t move in for a month after that. I do not envision us becoming close neighbors…but hassle aside, at least the move was worth it. This apartment, though just one floor up, is far better than the old one. So there’s that. With lost of windows and balcony doors, we constantly have sunlight and breezes sweeping through, and thus it kind of feels like a holiday home.

Finally I feel it’s together. I feel organized. There’s a place for clean towels, and a stack of them to go there. My office desk is assembled. My stereo is plugged in with my iPod on its throne. The wine glasses are displayed in the new wall unit. There’s food in the cabinets. (Well, some…) The dust is clearing in my head, and I can get back to the rest of life – writing (hopefully), photo editing, even looking out one of my two new terraces into a sunny summer day. (Yes, of course we have those in London!)

That’s what I mean by “reconstructing Earth”. A stable platform of time on which to establish a rhythm to life in the new apartment. That’s my theory anyway…


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