Between a Pool and a Far Place

That’s precisely where I am, if you look at my calendar.  Let me explain.

Did you ever make a lot of promises, not realizing how all the obligations would come together at once? That’s what happened to me this year. Except – although it won’t win me any band of wailing sympathizers for saying so – the promises I tend to make have to do with traveling. So for the last, oh, quarter of 2011, that’s where I’ve been. Keeping promises on the road. (My dear husband is very understanding!)

It started like this: every year I have two standing travel plans. I take one trip with my dad in the summer; this happens to be one of my most favorite things ever in life. If I’m even luckier, like this year, sisters (and/or husbands, kids) will decide to come too. The other standing plan, of course, is my husband’s vacation.

On the down side, these trips cannot be merged. In his current job, my husband’s vacation is split into two parts, tethered to the months of August and September. Dad is only open May-July. (So much for the fact that it’s 100x easier for me to travel in the shoulder/low season.) That makes three trips, de facto. On the other hand, this works out, because my husband doesn’t like to fly so much. He doesn’t like to fly over the ocean at all, although he will if strongly enticed. (Or appropriately drugged up. That works too.) So he’s very content for my father and I explore the Far and Away; hubby is thrilled to deal with the less-intrepid me.

But a year ago I also promised to look after my nieces in America for a few days (albeit another one of my favorite promises to fulfill), which happened to fall in August, then get postponed at the last moment until September. Hmmm. The calendar was getting crowded, but I could manage (…she said with determination).

Then came one of my best friends. To be fair, he’s been begging me to travel with him for years, but I’m always too booked up (see above). So this year I promised, with the stipulation that I only go for 4-5 days. I just couldn’t take more. “I couldn’t”. Unless it was like, Madagascar, or something, where I’ve wanted to go for 10 years. Oh what? You’re keen on Madagascar? October is the perfect month to go? Er, ok then. Maybe a bit longer. Wait, what? My other best friend wants to go too, and is already buying her tickets from America? *sigh* Fine. Two weeks it is. (Life is so hard…)

So that’s where I am. I just finished a week with hubby, where we did nothing but sit by a pool all week (and write some, yeay me); I have just two days before I leave to try and explore an island twice the size of the UK, where about 90% of the roads are unpaved, all in a span of two weeks.

Thank goodness I’d promised to relax by the pool for a week, even if it falls on the toes of the Far Place.


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