About ‘Killer Boob’

Killerboob is about to have a Chapter II…

This blog started out as the story of, well, my Killer Boob. Exactly one year in hindsight, I began recounting the story of when I first realized it was trying to kill me and I started my journey of brestial combat in Belgium, where I stayed for treatment. While at 29 my breasts had plenty of perky years remaining and my left one was my favorite, I don’t tolerate traitors.

(To read Chapter I from the beginning, click in the archives with April 2007. Start with the bottom post and read up. The first post on this blog is titled “It all started when…”.)

Now comes Chapter II…

Unlike what one might expect, Chapter II isn’t about me. It’s about my sister, who is now fighting her own cancer. I’ve invited her to take over Killerboob. That will hopefully start this month (January 2014). She has a different breast cancer, a different story. A very different personality. Get ready, I think you’re gonna’ like her…

15 responses to “About ‘Killer Boob’

  1. Just found you (through breastcancer.org) and I’m making my way through your blog. Hope all is well with you (and I hope that’s not out-of-place, since I haven’t done much reading yet). So far, your sense of humor resonates with me and I expect to enjoy (if it’s possible to enjoy anything about BC) reading your blog. Thanks.

  2. Kelly

    Hi Sarah – just reading your blog – you are awesome!

  3. I’ve been wondering for a while whether or not to post a comment here…

    …your experience in the waiting room took me back to somewhere I remember very well, and I reallly wanted to pass on all best wishes to you, and of course to bf.

    Keep it going, and very good luck to you both. You’re inspirational.

  4. sprucehillfarm

    I just found your blog today. Your story is so much like mine it is almost like reading my own. I was diognosed about a month ago and two weeks ago had a double bilateral mastectomy. I start chemo in 4 weeks. I am looking forward to reading all of your posts. It is comforting to read about someone else going through the same thing.
    Sarah. S.

  5. Your flow chart of hair is awesome! I was wondering if you could/wanted to post a video Blog about your experience? We have a new community I would love for you to check out and write about it if you want. It’s called SharingHope.TV and it’s a Online Community where people can share their cancer experience using Video, Photos, artwork and more. All of the content is User Generated Content.

    It also let’s people take the video off the site and put it on their Facebook, MySpace, or Blogs.
    You can check it out more on our press room.
    Or I would love to speak with you about it in person.


  6. Hi- I wanted to say that I stumbled on your website while looking up neutropenic fevers and got completely engrossed in your inspirational and amazing story. I’m astonished that you had BCA at such a young age, and I was wondering if you had an answer for that reason? I don’t even understand how that happens… did the Dr.’s tell you it was a fluke? My mother had ductal carcinoma in situ 7 years ago and it was so early that they didn’t have to do radiation or anything, but it increases my risks and reading your story just made me curious. Regardless if there was a reason or not, I’m so so happy to read that you are doing well and you look so beautiful in your pictures. Feel free to email me if you have the time. Have a great day and many more days to come!
    Hopefully a future Dr. Awesome

  7. Lisa

    Hi there, Don’t know if you remember me… You spoke with me across the Atlantic to Brussels in Business Class and told me about you, your cancer and your blog after I asked you about your bandages… I’ve checked your blog here and there ever since and finally want to say, “thank you” because although my scare was nothing like your plight, it certainly helped me… Lisa from San Francisco

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  9. Mammography – one of the main diagnostic procedures in the diagnosis of breast diseases, especially breast cancer, fibrocystic disease and fibroadenomas.

  10. I stumbled across your page while googling Neulasta, and have been so happy to read your blog! Having been diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of May, I had a bilateral mastectomy and am now doing chemo, and all I can think is “man, I can’t wait to be cool and normal (for me) again.” It is SUCH a relief to see someone emerge cool and, it seems, back to normal.

    As an aside, it’s also funny to see similarities in our stories – I travel a lot for work, I had been with my fantastic boyfriend two months when I was diagnosed, and I think we (creepily) were just in Egypt at the same time!


  11. gypsysarah

    I want to thank you for sharing your story.

    I just came across your blog and have not been able to read very much…yet it has already moved me to tears. I was diagnosed 3 months ago with invasive ductal carcinoma. I am only 26 and have had trouble finding others who truly understand what it is like to take this journey.
    So thank you for reminding me that I will have a life again…eventually.

    Sarah H.

  12. I know you are moving on to new things, but just found KillerBoob and love it – I am 29 and was diagnosed with breast cancer while living in Amsterdam. I moved back to the US for all the treatment, but your descriptions of visits to Dutch doctors are spot on with mine. I’m blogging at http://www.middleminutes.blogspot.com if you want to follow.


  13. Kathleen d

    I am so proud of you and you are a very very special daughter in law. xxxxxx

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