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Full Circles

I have just a minute here, but I have to take a moment to send support and love to one of the most amazing women I met on my breast cancer journey. Susan Niebur is an Astrophysicist (!), mother extraordinaire and all around admirable example of a woman (not to mention admirable human being). She was diagnosed with IBC in 2007, and when I finally dove into the world of blogging my own experience, she was the first – and most amazing – woman I connected with, at her fascinating blog ToddlerPlanet.  She e-introduced me to many of my other breast cancer sisters and friends and was the source of so much support for me. She is yet another e-friend that I had optimistically let slide from my regular visitations until a mutual friend has brought her back to my “forefront” a few weeks ago.  Her news was frightening and disheartening to me. But you’d never know it from reading her mind.

Please pray, think about, send vibes into the universe – whatever it is you do – for Susan and her family as they face her tough times with as much grace as ever. Here’s to amazing women.


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