When it’s bad it’s bad. And when it’s good…it’s really, really good

So I left you practically in mid-sentence. I’d been sitting on my butt for 2 days waiting for work to call. I had volunteered to be “short-called” – which means called with less than 2 hours until departure – and wow did it work out.

I never, ever see the Rome trip. It’s held by F/A’s 20 years and up. One of them was apparently there and ready to go, when she had to pull out. So, with 1hr 45 minutes until take-off, I hustled myself to the airport! And even more serendipitously, it was a 48 hour layover (another rarity)!It was a struggle but I made it in time and was even lucky enough to have a colleague on board equally interested in archeology. It couldn’t have all been more perfect.

I hadn’t been to Rome 13 years. (Wow that hurts to say!) I remember that it was fantastic, but I had forgotten the details of how much so. Sortof like you remember that something hurt but not the actual pain. I go could go to Rome every week and never run out of things to see.

What’s more – I have always wanted to go to Pompeii. So I got on board determined  to do so even though I thought it would be at least 3 hours there. But I was wrong – it is under 2 hours using the fast trains. And my colleague was happy to go with me again since we both have such interest. We were also joined by one of the pilots – a guy who is not so interested in that stuff but is a great sport and good company. We all went to the Naples Archeology Museum, then to Pompeii where my colleague escorted us around to hit the highlights in the time left, since 4 hours is nowhere near enough time in Pompeii for the likes of me.

Hanging out with my two companions was like a time warp – I can’t remember a more satisfying 15 hours day! My legs still hurt terribly but I’m not complaining. And if I ever see the Rome trip again, I’ll go right back.

For the moment I’ll post a few Milan photos that I was going to put up last week, then put a few Rome/Pompeii photos up shortly…


The pretty village of Torno, on Lake Como.

img_3896 img_3894

The flight attendants couldn’t stop taking photos out the window. And you’d think the passengers were the ones who should be impressed.



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3 responses to “When it’s bad it’s bad. And when it’s good…it’s really, really good

  1. bigsis

    Some days it is REALLY worth it. 😀

  2. Wow. Those shots of the Alps are great. I’ve only flown across the Alps a couple of times and it’s always been at night.

    Didn’t know/remember of your interest in archeology. Pompeii would be amazing to visit. Was privileged to dig at Tel Tamar in the Negev desert south of the Dead Sea. We worked for about a week for one of Isreal’s national archeologists. It was tons of fun. We even found a few significant artifacts.

  3. Madelynn

    Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

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